The world is spinning too fast, everything changes in the blink of an eye.

There’s no progress without movement and there’s no good advertising without a video element. In these high-speed days full of stimuli, it is not too easy to catch people’s attention, but fortunately, video ads exist. Would you like something animated or a feature video? No problem, Barney’ll create an advertising film, whatever the length or format. We’re not afraid of anything and look forward to everything that’s going to bring us progress.

What doesn’t move, stagnates

We assume that you do not want your brand to stagnate, but you want to move forward, you want to be successful, you want to be seen. In that case, static visuals will not be enough for you. The motto of today’s world is movement. Get your pictures moving and get your business moving. Motion design can take your product or service to a whole new level and provide it with better visibility. With moving images and text, you can communicate more information in a shorter time, capture the attention of your potential clients and your product will stay in their head longer.

Let’s get moving with Barney

Barney loves movement. We have experience in creating motion design for smaller and global clients, such as Lipton, Billa or Heineken. We get images to move on social media, websites or e-shops, create video content for Youtube channels. For example, we enjoy creating instruction videos, HTML5 banners, gif formats or Mp4 videos. In animations, we combine real elements with illustrated ones, but we will also create a purely real or purely animated video for you. We will prepare anything – from simple motion design to sophisticated videos with large production. We provide everything from the complete script, through the storyboard, extras, actors, locations, video production, voice over, directing, to post-production.

Let's talk.

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