Do you think illustrations belong only in children’s books and comic strips?

That’s where you’re wrong. Illustrated visuals are nowadays used by renowned brands all over the world in their marketing communication. Illustrations become more and more popular among brands and people just love them. They are modern and traditional at the same time, and that’s what makes them a timeless means of communication. Barney’s illustrators and graphic designers will create unique and original illustrations that’ll be envied by many.

Magic power of illustrations

Illustrations are not just for children. Illustrations are a visual representation of written text. They help to tell stories or explain ideas. They diversify communication and offer it an artistic touch. They create unique emotions, bonds and can communicate messages without words. Illustrated visuals therefore fit perfectly with brands that want to give their image a touch of humanity, creativity, imagination, or magical elements. We can find illustrations everywhere we look. Not only in books and magazines, but also on posters, on websites, in mobile applications, on social media, on product packaging and everywhere where it is necessary to attract and create a unique bond with the customer.

Barney portrays you in the best light

Our creative studio is perfect for creating enchanting images that will make your brand stylish and build a strong bond with customers. Our ace up our sleeve are three experienced illustrators who are already sharpening their pencils to make your brand exceptional and extraordinary. We have experience with illustrating promo videos for large retail chains, but also with hand-drawn brandings and logos. We can illustrate a book, brochure or a leaflet, the cover of your product, we can also prepare the entire illustrated visual communication on social networks. We will adapt the style, form and colors to the personality of your brand and prepare outputs that you will later be able to work with in any formats.

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