A high-quality graphic design can ensure much better results than one might think.

In this visual age, it is truly important to catch the customers‘ attention with a good visual. However great and special your product may be, if your customer doesn’t notice it, all your effort will be in vain. Barney will create first-class graphic designs for your ads, web, social media, or print ads and oohs.

Graphic design is our alpha & omega

Graphic design is the process of creating visual communication, using typography, photography, iconography or illustration. Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and texts to create visual representations of ideas and messages. Where is graphic design being used? Everywhere. When creating corporate identity (such as logos or branding), editorial design (newspapers, magazines, books), advertising, websites, communication design, or product design. Graphic design covers all visual communication and is all around us, whether we realize it or not.

Good visuals speak without using words

Graphic design helps to sell products, services or ideas. It shows and evokes images in our minds, which we then combine into stories. They evoke memories in us, they appeal to our emotions, thanks to which we feel more connected, identified with the brand or product. Graphic designers are professional creatives who make such visuals. Our Barney graphic designers know that advertising visuals must be strategically grasped and highlight the benefits of a product or service, while other types of design (typography, icons, logos, pictograms, product design, illustrations, etc.) can unleash their imagination and creativity to create small works of art.

Leave it to Barney

Barney has experience in creating graphic design for a wide range of clients from construction companies, through global startups to large retail chains. We love beautiful, effective, original, and powerful images carrying great messages, but also funny, light-hearted visuals that entertain ourselves and others. Each of our graphic outputs went through a thorough analysis, brainstorming, and feedback so that in the final we bring only the best results to our clients. Our skilled and enthusiastic graphic designers will prepare everything for you from a web banner, through printed materials to the design of a stand at a trade fair.

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