Visual Identity / Concept

Can you imagine the Ikea brand sporting a pink-and-green colorway in their design? Or McDonald’s in blue-and-white?
Picking the right colors for the visual identity is one of the basic stepping stones in building a successful brand. To make your brand attractive at first glance, we will create (apart from the logo and name) a visual concept and a design manual, that will adequately represent your brand and will effectively communicate to your customers.

The first impression takes less than a second

You only have one take to make a first impression. You have one try only, so make sure it’s a good one. A scientific study from Princeton University has proven, that it takes a 0.1 of a second for a human brain to reach a verdict about the trustworthiness and attractiveness of another person just by looking at their face. What would a person’s verdict about your brand be, if they had only a tenth of a second to look at it?

What creates a visual identity?

The visual identity entails the logo, font, typography, colorways, icons, shapes, images or photographs and much more. Visual identity has to be consistent, since it’s being used across various platforms and communication channels, such as social networks, packaging design, billboards, tv commercials, prints – and everywhere else, where your brand is present.

A picture is worth a thousand words

It’s important to raise the right emotion and create a connection with yourpotential customer, but you also need to make sure that your brand is immediately recognizable and memorable. And that is why every brand needs a defined and creative visual identity.

How to create the right visual identity?

To make sure we can create an authentic and attractive visual identity, we first need to get to know the story of your brand. Tell us who you are, what your values represent, tell us about your goals, motivation, what you like and dislike. We will run a thorough analysis, set a strategy and prepare a complex design manual that will serve as a guideline material for whatever type of communication you decide to use.

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