A vision without strategy remains an illusion – is usually said by the bright minds and we have to agree.
In order for a business to achieve its goals, it’s important to have everything well thought out and have the marketing and communication strategy accurately set. Strategy is essential for brand development. We like to say, that it gives the brand its soul. We strive to create the brand’s character (including the tone of voice or slogans) based on its values, mission and vision.

Quality groundwork for a successful brand

If you want everyone to know about your brand, if you want your brand to have an impact, a meaning and success, it is fundamentally important to have a quality strategy. You need to know the pillars your brand stands on, what values it stands for and what the vision is, so that you can reach your set goals.

A good strategy is based on a good analysis

Before we dive into the strategy creation, we conduct a thorough analysis to make sure we know everything there is to know about your goals, advantages, opportunities, values, etc. Simply put, we want to know everything about your brand. We conduct a market and competition research, and take everything that is important into account, to adjust to the external factors.

We give a soul to your brand

And we are ready to create your brand’s character. What does it entail? To make sure your brand gets a soul and an authentic character; we have to build it all from the ground up. We need to get into the DNA. We’ll set the tone of voice, characteristics, motivation, message and slogans. We will take of creating your visual identity including a logo and design manual. We’ll create a brand look – a book, which can be read by all of your employees or clients; and they will all know who you are and what values you stand for. Let Barney handle the creation of your strategy. Our experienced team works with a conceptual thinking, imagination, market overview and first and foremost with an enthusiasm for strategy and brand building.

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