What’s your name? – the first question that is asked when getting to know somebody.

What’s it called? is the first question you get, when people want to get to know your brand. An original and concise name is fundamental for a successful business. Naming is one of our specialties and we treat it with utmost respect and importance, and we approach the task with a lot of enthusiasm.

Tell us something about yourself

In order to create a perfect name for your brand, it’s very important to get to know you. We need to know everything. Tell us your story., Tell us, why you do what you do. The better we get to know you, the more relevant our outputs you’ll get.

How to create a good name?

To create a good name for a brand is not as easy, as one might think. To make it original, functional, creative, unforgettable, and multilingual, we need to make a thorough research in the relevant segment first. The research is followed by creative brainstorming with regard to the different options of usage on different platforms and the availability of the domains. It is not until then, that we go to our client with the first name suggestions.

Our team at Barney’s has a rich experience in the name creating, so you can count on us, that you’ll get only the best and most professional results from us.

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