Three stripes for Adidas, green two-tailed siren for Starbucks, bitten off black apple for Apple, this is what’s fundamental for these brands.

Their logo. It’s their differentiating sign, an element that makes them unique and that’s why a logo is one of the most essential components of brand identity. Your company needs a logo, a symbol expressing who you are and what you want your customers to associate your brand with. Cast the burden of creating this important symbol onto us and we guarantee we’ll produce a unique, original and memorable logo for you.

Logo is a symbol

Your company needs a logo, a symbol, to express who you are, what you do and everything that you’d like your potential customers to associate your brand with. Let us create your logo and we guarantee we’ll give your brand something truly unique, original and unforgettable.

It’s important to invest in a good logo

No free online tool will ever create a unique, tailor-made logo, that would represent your brand and you accurately. If you want people to remember your brand and not mistake it for any other, you should definitely let a professional make your logo. Just imagine everyone generating their logos online. How many similar logos there would be?

Let’s put some strategy into it

Barney takes logo creation with the utmost responsibility and professionality. Before we come up with the first drafts, we study, we research and we get to know our client in detail. We create a strategy and stick to it, especially because of the need to adapt the logo in its various uses – we always keep in mind that your logo needs to look good on a website, on social media, in a brochure, on a business card or on your product packaging.

A nice logo needs a nice visual identity

The right color scheme and the overall visual identity of a brand play a huge role in the process of creating a logo. That’s why it’s usually tied with creating a complex visual identity. It’s super important to pick the right shape, color, font, or other visual elements for your logo. All of these work together with potential customers, evoke emotions and associations and thus create a relationship with your brand.

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