Online & Offline


„Do you do online & offline ads?” Sure, we’re a creative studio after all.

Not only do we do them, we do them with great passion and love. Do you need an internet ad? Barney’ll create, graphically design, write copy, fix and set up online campaigns, web banners, website, newsletter, and also an OOH campaign, print ad, or a radio spot. All that with the greatest joy and professionality.

Make yourself seen in digital

Digital or online marketing has become an extremely popular and important communication channel in a relatively short time. Not only because of its cost-effectiveness, but above all thanks to its speed, recency, availability and omnipresence. Brands quickly realized that if they wanted to reach their customers, they had to go digital and be with them every day, every time they pick up their smartphone. Who does not communicate in the online space, is deprived of a huge number of opportunities and customers.

We’ll do anything from A to Web

We have been present in the online space from the very beginning, which makes us at home in it. We know what a good quality and functional website should look like, how to effectively manage social media profiles, how to create and deploy web banners, PPC campaigns, how to set up SEO or how to write and graphically prepare newsletters. In the digital environment, nothing will surprise us, we are ready to create any format for any location. Based on a thoroughly developed strategy, we will supply you with graphic and text outputs, which we will adapt to your requirements, time and financial situation.

Being offline does not mean being turned off

The fact that a huge part of communication has moved to the online environment does not mean that offline advertising is dead. We still live in the real world, we walk the real streets, we use public transport, we visit shopping malls, we watch TV, we listen to the radio, we read newspapers and magazines. Therefore, we must not underestimate the still significant importance and contribution of billboards, citylights, posters, TV spots, print formats, radio spots and many other offline advertising formats for our brand. Fortunately, we are still living not only in virtual reality, but also in outdoor reality, so do not forget that it is necessary to place advertising there as well. We will be happy to take care of it in Barney Creative Studio.

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