Who wants to sell, has to be seen. If you want people to notice your brand, you’ll most likely need an ad campaign.

Launching a new brand? Let’s create an amazing introductory campaign. Do you need to remind your customers of your brand or address in a new way? Let’s make a brand awareness campaign. Have you decided to rebrand? Campaign! B2B? B2C? We’ll create a campaign that won’t be forgotten.

What is an Ad Campaign?

An advertising campaign is a series of advertising messages, united by one central idea, whose task is to achieve a certain goal. If the advertising campaign is done right, it should result in, for example, increased sales, successful launch of a new product or acquiring new customers.

How to do it?

In short, the preparation of an advertising campaign can be summarized in several points. In reality, however, it is a complex process involving a number of smaller and larger tasks, falling under the following 7 points:

1. Define the goals of your advertising campaign

2. Choose the product, service or brand you want to promote

3. Identify your target group of recipients

4. Plan your campaign schedule and timing

5. Determine your budget

6. Select the right communication channels

7. Start creating advertising messages and visuals

Does it seem like a lot of work? Barney‘ll help you with all the points of preparing an advertising campaign and with whatever it takes to promote your product or service the way it deserves. Barney has a team of excellent conceptual strategists who will make sure that all the previous points are met at 100%.

Just do it.

A successful advertising campaign needs a catchy slogan that immediately grabs attention and is easy for potential customers to remember. It is necessary to create something that arouses the right emotions in people, something that makes people laugh, something that impresses, inspires or encourages. Our copywriters can’t wait to jump into creating a striking slogan for your brand.

Love at first sight

In order for your advertising campaign to be pleasing at first glance and eye-catching, it needs quality visuals. The images we see greatly affect our thinking, and some are etched in our memory forever. Do you want people to not forget your brand so easily? You’ll need an ad campaign with concise and compelling images that evoke emotion and tell stories. Our team includes experienced graphic designers and illustrators who can create strong images that often do not even need words.

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