Our Barneyfesto

/what we do, what we don’t do, and why/

while working on our projects, we always keep our values, vision and mission in mind. that’s why we say:

no to being
too shy to ask
we’d love to be as straightforward as possible and if we’re not sure about something, we just ask. let’s prevent those unnecessarily long e-mail threads and misunderstandings, shall we?
no to looking
at our watches
when our work brings us joy, there’s no reason to keep track of time. that is why we don’t usually charge by the hour. creative work can’t be measured by time. you either have the know-how or you don’t. we also usually do not hurry, because as we say, it’s always better to be slow and right than quick and wrong.
no to cutting
let’s be honest. it’s obviously the easier way of doing things. but that’s not how we work. we believe in hard work and that every brand has potential to look great and be successful, as long as it’s in the right hands.

no to obstacles
we don’t see an obstacle, we see a challenge. we see an opportunity to grow and learn something new. we like to find opportunities in places, where others might not see them.
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