How We Work

Our Offer
A good collaboration starts with a good offer. the offer is to be discussed and clarified over a cup of good coffee. if we come to an agreement, we shake hands and the work may begin.
If our barney team is truly passionate about one thing, it is a detailed analysis of the issue, orientation, study and discussion of a strategic workflow. this is something we really care about.
You can imagine what follows now: thinking long and hard, brainstorming, mouse-clicking, keyboard-tapping, pencil-biting, scribbling on a board, new ideas being born, new ideas being thrown away, getting a new one; its elaboration, getting a feedback, incorporation and then finalizing it all at last.
After final fine-tuning and polishing of the final creation, we are ready to send it to the world. may the creation prosper and serve its mission.
Let's talk.

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