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Design of ticket kiosks in the Tatras

Client description

ZSSK is the national railway travel provider, used by more than 6.5 million people each month. Their products and design are visible practically across all of Slovakia.

Project description

To design the automated kiosks that sell tickets for Tatran trams and cog railways.

Why did ZSSK approach us?

We were approached by ZSSK with the task to create a unique kiosk shopping environment, for buying tickets used to travel by Tatran trams. The goal was to fulfill the vision of the national railroad provider – to portray them as great and forward-thinking means of transportation in the Tatras.

How did we solve the inquiry?

The kiosk design itself was conducted over a short time period, but we had a thorough preparation to back it up. The most important thing was to create a design that would ensure the shopping process is done in the fewest number of clicks possible and that it would be a comfortable shopping experience overall.

  • We proposed 9 screen designs in concordance with the ZSSK corporate identity
  • During the design process we relied on visual guidelines and design manual elements
  • The shopping process was organized into three steps: 1. Choosing your ticket, 2. Payment, 3. Payment confirmation and receipt print
  • To make sure the design is everything but boring, we conducted a Tatran environment analysis and added illustrations of the Tatra mountains into the design mix, which in the end, placed the mountain atmosphere into the automated kiosks
  • To make sure the shopping experience is clear, we chose bright colors
  • UX analysis is always a part of our creative process and it ensured that we came up with the most comfortable shopping experience for the user

Apart from Tatran tourists, also the people who live and work in the area are the target audience of this ZSSK project. Our task was to make their shopping experience most enjoyable.

What was the result of our work?

The kiosks located in the Tatras help ZSSE sell more tickets thanks to the simple yet practical maintenance. At the same time, the environment gives a nod to the mountain surroundings, which improves upon the shopping experience and allows the customers to buy their tickets every day. We continue to work on increasing the ZSSK customers’ satisfaction.

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