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AI Voice operated driving concierge

Client description

ZooYoo is an innovative and modern approach to make the commuting by car more effective, simple and attractive. It does not only embody a driving advisor, but it is also a marketing platform with various attractive bonuses offered to the users.

Project description

ZooYoo gave us the task to create a modern design for the app and web platform, while taking into account the innovative simplicity, useful for the wide target audience.

Why did ZooYoo approach us?

ZooYoo needed a unique solution and visualization of individual app functions. They were supposed to be easy to use and clear, especially during the whole car ride. The key was to incorporate gaming elements, that would require only gentle tweaks over time, with the emphasis on modern and timeless design.

How did we solve the inquiry?

The app

Since ZooYoo is supposed to be used by the driver and the crew during the whole ride, it was necessary that it entails gaming elements. The app uses an advanced AI that reacts to a number of factors it ‘gathers’ along the ride.

  • We created a simple and clear design with many functions
  • In one app environment, the user can discover everything about the planned route, the state of the vehicle, suggested stops according to the driver’s preferences, dangers that may await along the road, and more
  • The colorway is simple – black, white, and orange. The colors are supposed to sweeten the app usage on the go
  • We applied dark and bright modes used for different times of day
  • The app base was set to black and white, while the orange works as an accent to display the most important info across the different screens.
  • It was important to also incorporate the ads intuitively, where needed (such as free coffee etc.)
  • It was of the utmost importance, to make it easy to use for the drivers
  • We created a simple 6 option menu, where the driver can find everything regarding their car and their drive


The website is simple and user friendly. The visuality is derived from the app itself.

  • We added videos to show how the app works
  • We proposed a simple menu for quick navigation

The ZooYoo target group are drivers, car owners and families, who love new technologies, often travel short or long distances, and like to make sure that their journey is safe and comfortable.

What was the result of our work?

At the moment, our work can be summarized by the words ‘reachability’ and ‘simplicity’. The solution we came up with for the app and website derives from these two premises and is visible in the end result. Traveling will soon be much simpler, thanks to an app that is unprecedented on the market.

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