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Social media communication and rebranding with designs done by Slovak designer

Client description

Top-Farm Topoľnica is one of the few poultry farmers and producers in Slovakia, that takes their job very seriously and with integrity. Their poultry is antibiotics and hormone free, which also makes their products very popular.

Project description

For us, the Top-Farm project meant taking care of the rebranding process. The visual side of the project was done by Slovak designer, who hired us to do the project management part. We also proposed the guidelines for social media communication and provided copy for their new website.

What was the work about?

The owner of the traditional Top-Farm company needed to create new copy for their new website and style of posts on social media.

How did we solve the inquiry?

We got hired by the Slovak designer to manage the project of rebranding.
We worked profusely and tried the various Top-Farm products to get into the brand’s mindset. We have also been in charge of new copy for the website and visual identity of their social media posts.

  • Thanks to the hands of all of us within the project we successfully drove the project across the finish line
  • Once the rebranding was done (not by us), we took on the social media posts
  • We created a series of posts that were supposed to communicate the rediscovered brand values in a funny way
  • We jumped right into creating new copy on Top-Farm’s website according to the new strategy

What was the result of our work?

Even though the rebranding process took a few months, it was well worth every minute of it. We successfully set the tone of voice and styling of the social media posts, where we used the new design elements created by Slovak designer.

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