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Campaign to promote Roshen chocolates

Client description

Roshen ranks at the 18th place within the worldwide producers of sweets, with more than 350 products in their portfolio. Thanks to the high quality and wide range of products, we are talking about the most preferred brand in the Ukrainian market.

Project description

For the Roshen project, we partnered with the world-renowned agency DDB and its Ukrainian branch – AGAMA Communication. The task was to bring the Roshen product line Lacmi into the spotlight and to highlight the fact that these products contain more milk than other milk chocolates produced by the competition. We set out to reach the goal by creating a TVC and other formats as well as creating various concepts.

Why did Roshen approach us?

Roshen needed help with an introductory promo campaign for the new product line Roshen Lacmi. These milk chocolates contain more milk than competitive brands’ products, which was to be adequately communicated. Roshen needed a TVC and other formats proposals to make sure the products reach the highest number of people.

How did we solve the inquiry?

While creating creative concepts, we focused on milk as an essential campaign element. We tried to make sure that the ‘milk’ factor gets embedded in the consumer’s memory the most. Also, we highlighted the great feeling, generally induced when we indulge in chocolate.

  • We created 4 creative concepts, based on the target audience insight – the working women
  • We focused on portraying chocolate, and also milk as attractive and healthy products
  • We gave the key visuals dynamic using chocolate
  • Colors playfully affect people in a great way (just as the distinct chocolate taste does)
  • The homey feeling, manufacture process and quality were portrayed using a typography ‘handwritten’ in milk

1.     Campaign „Smile over the spilled milk“

The main creative concept was based on the premise that you ‘don’t have to cry over spilled milk’. This premise was portrayed throughout the campaign. The simplicity of the concept relies on the fact, that when something bad happens, one should learn from it and move on, while ideally biting on a piece of Lacmi chocolate. Because milk can also induce smiles, not just tears.

We created a storyboard for a TVC, which was (same as the key visual) derived from the idea of spilled milk. Milk stains were transformed into various shapes that embodied unpleasant things: a crying baby, dirty dishes or a moody boss. The creative idea showed that a piece of Lacmi chocolate is enough to turn smaller problems into smiles.

Communication slogan:

Smile, because milk has been spilled.

The campaigns targeted mainly working women since this particular audience mostly encounters and deals with the issues mentioned above. The visuals and the tonality of the campaign were designed to reach this specific group of consumers.

What was the result of our work?

The results of our work reflected in the Ukrainian campaign, which was distributed over Kiev and introduced the new Roshen Lacmi product line in a new and playful way. OOH took the prime, while TVC is currently awaiting to be brought to life.

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