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Global chain of Italian bistros

Client description

Mario’s is a chain of Italian restaurants with worldwide presence potential. Their goal is to open bistros focused on ‘slow food’, offering quality foods and dining experience, while highlighting the traditional recipes.

Project description

The assignment was to design the company’s branding and visuality of a new Italian restaurant brand, applicable to both online and offline environments.

Why did Mario‘s approach us?

With respect to the high saturation within the food market – especially Italian cuisine, we were tasked to come up with something different and fresh. Something that combines classic Italian design with checkered tablecloths with modern elements in a playful way. The goal was to show the dining experience at a first glance and to attract as many quality-loving consumers. We were also tasked to create universal branding that could be used around the globe – since the company is looking to franchise the brand.

How did we solve the inquiry?

First, we dove into creating the logo and brand colorways. As for branding, we counted on applying the logo and other visual elements into the menus, locations’ branding and packaging alike. The packaging would be used for grocery products the chain sells as well as takeaway.

  • The logo combines the softness and comfort that Italian food is known for, and at the same time it embodies the strong flavors, reflected in the sharp edges of the letters
  • The color palette was inspired by the classical Italian scene of markets and trattories
  • We stayed away from the typical Italian tricolore, so we chose a fresher combination of green, red and buttery (doughy) colors in our illustrations. These were the base colors, but we complemented them with dark and light blue color hues that symbolize the seaside atmosphere
  • The packaging proposals were based on a unified visual marking system according to the prepped meals or ingredients the meals were made of. Since there is a large number of takeaway meals, we wanted to make sure they are visually distinct but that they comply with the essence that is Mario’s brand
  • The whole pasta product line had their own illustrations, depicted on the packaging, icons, price tags and other placements
  • For the beverage product line, we created patterns that would also be used on price tags, labels and infographics

The Mario’s target audience consists of the above than average income population that likes great food, atmosphere and enjoyable experiences. They also don’t want to travel the long distance to Italy to enjoy these benefits of a gastronomic foodgasm.

What was the result of our work?

Mario’s is a brand with great potential. The results of our work reflect complex and conceptual thinking, on which we relied heavily while creating the designs and outputs. When you look at them, you clearly see what we meant to say, while keeping the essence of traditional Italian culinary principles in place. With this design, the brand has now the ability to make it – not only in the Slovak market, but also within the tough competition of foreign restaurants.

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