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Winter creative campaign across ski resorts

Client description

Intersport is an international chain of sporting goods superstores that has a strong presence in a few cities across Slovakia.

Project description

The task was to create an OOH campaign (Ad Blocks and turn-stiles) in 6 ski resorts to promote several Intersport promotions (growing skis for kids, onsite ski service, bootlifting, Intersport Benefit club and others).

Why did Intersport approach us?

Intersport needed help with an onsite OOH campaign, which would be placed directly in ski resorts such as Velka Raca and others. Our task was to create an Ad Block campaign and also place the campaign on turn-stiles. The campaign was to promote a few benefits for Intersport customers such as ski boot molding and others. The issue was that not many people knew about these benefits, so we set out to reach a particular target group.

How did we solve the inquiry?

During the preparation phase we went through the Intersport design manual and started working on the creative and visuals for the non-traditional campaign placements. We proposed a few claims that promoted the individual benefits Intersport offers, and adjusted the visuals according to the claims. It was crucial to incorporate the hardware part of turn-stiles (such as screws) for example and count them into the whole output.

  • First, we proposed the creative concepts – wording and content layout for Ad Blocks
  • The challenge here was to find space for QR codes, that after scanning would take the skier directly to a designated Intersport landing page
  • Then we proceeded to the visuals based on the approved creative concept
  • Since Ad Blocks have very little space, it was crucial to keep the content short and on point
  • The main message had to be understood immediately since the skiers do not spend too much time on ski lifts
  • The client received the creative concept along with the visuals in open data files and ready for print
  • We also adapted the visuals to be used on turn-stiles
  • We approach this project conceptually since we not only had to prepare the creative and visuals, but also the landing pages. So, we had to keep in mind the skiers’ movement around the resort at all times

Our target group consisted of younger and middle-aged skiers up to 50 years of age.

What was the result of our work?

Our creative outputs appeared in 6 ski resorts and we helped draw about 20,000 new visitors to the Intersport website. Thanks to a simple, yet on point approach, it was easy for them to reach the relevant landing pages that were communicating these new benefits.

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