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Online content for the Beerport craft beers

Client description

Heineken is the Slovak market leader within the classic beers such as Zlaty Bazant, Corgon or Krusovice. The Heineken portfolio also includes craft beers – Bradac, Lagunitas, Mort Subite and Affligem.

Project description

The project was about covering the social media content for the upper-mentioned four craft beer brands and other online activities. Every one of these brands is a legend in a sense. The Beerport project was supposed to cover all these brands under one umbrella – Beerport. This complex project contained photoproduction and ad-hoc video production from various events.

Why did Heineken approach us?

Heineken wanted Beerport brands’ social media to look professional. We were tasked to create a strategic plan as to what would be communicated when and how, on Facebook and Instagram. From time to time we also created a beer sleeve or a drink menu.

Apart from this, we were set out to create visuals (not only) for social media and take care of the photo production. Since Bradac beer comes out with a few limited editions every year, we took their presentation under our wings as well.

How did we solve the inquiry?

At the beginning of the project, we prepared a complex strategy that dealt with social media communication. We set the tone of voice and visual guidelines for the community management to turn to. During the cooperation we communicated with the brand manager Lukas Sopuch and with the online department.

  • We continually created content for social media, which was based of the main premise and incorporated copy and visuals (static and motion) accordingly
  • We went to events, where the Beerport brand had its presence and we produced ad-hoc newsfeed posts stories
  • Bradac limited editions were given a visual identity using the Bradac logo adaptations
  • Apart from the daily content creation, we also took care of the professional photo production in three pubs, using extras
  • We facilitated the communication with fans in comments and direct messages
  • We organized and executed contests
  • When needed, we created a B2B drink menu or other outputs

The Beerport target group consists of young entrepreneurs and general population of 25-55 years of age, who are looking for something different. This was the target audience for our communication as well, which is why we tried to make it playful, fresh and inducing a craving for an atypical craft beer.

What was the result of our work?

Over the year of cooperation, we managed to reach a high number of visits (the reach was about a million a month). Apart from that, we raised Beerport brand and other craft beers awareness, thanks to the increased fanbase by approximately 3% each month. We took approximately 1000 photos that are used until this day on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram.  

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