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Brand awareness campaign: UEFA EURO2020 promotion focus

Client description

Favorit (Favbet) is the largest online and offline betting agency chain operator in Ukraine since 1999. It has more than 2 million clients across the country, with 20% of all betting taking place at betting stores, while 40% bets occur online, via a mobile app.

Project description

In cooperation with the second largest agency in the world – DDB and its Ukrainian branch, we received a brief to create a campaign focusing on promoting the UEFA EURO2020 across Ukraine.

Why did Favorit (Favbet) approach us?

With UEFA EURO2020 around the corner, we were approached – along with the AGAMA Communication (DDB Ukraine), by the brand Favorit with a task for a creative way to ignite the fans and present the upcoming tournament in an attractive way. The goal was to create a few creative campaign concepts that would strengthen the bond between the brand and a bettor (as well as the national football team) and raise the number of occasional bettors.

How did we solve the inquiry?

Since the UEFA EURO2020 tournament takes place in 12 European countries, it is a huge event. We took all the approachable football insights and created 3 concepts, while each of them had a different creative. 2 of these concepts can be found below.

  • When creating the concepts, we worked with videos, static digital formats and OOH
  • We used the social and the Google network to place our content
  • We worked with various types of activation

1. Campaign #wehavethesamegoal

In the first creative we focused on the European spirit and with the tag #wehavethesamegoal we interconnected the 12 countries, participating in UEFA EURO2020. After all, we all have the same goal – footGOAL. For us fans, it doesn’t matter where we are from, the only thing we want is goals. We proposed a funny video, where the individual players of the national Ukrainian football team were trying to say words in foreign language.

Communication slogans:

We all have the same footgoal

 Goals are our only goals

This campaign required two key visuals. One of them focused on the keywords ‘GOAL’, ‘PEACE’ or ‘TOLERANCE’ translated into different languages according to the countries that were participating in UEFA EURO2020:

The second creative worked with the idea of presenting the life goal of Ukrainian national football team members in a simple way on social and outdoors as well. We hooked the individual team members to present their life goal also on their own social media:

For the visuals we used simple typography and focused on the main message with the help of large headlines. The important information is clearly visible, while the colorway and elements extracted from the Favorit logo are instantly recognizable as part of the Favbet brand.

2.  Campaign „You can’t place a bet on human life“

The situation in Ukraine tends to be quite unstable. And because football is connected to a community and unison – in the spirit of ‘sport unites us all’, we created a campaign with elements of CSR. It points to the Ukrainian issues that can be presented with numbers.

  • We introduced a few versions of football jerseys that instead of player number, show the sadder statistics
  • For example: 1.5 million evicted civilians, 4.3 thousand conflict casualties, 3.4 civilian casualties
  • Individual players were tasked to take pictures wearing the jerseys and share the content on their social networks

One of the key elements was to offer the earnings from sold T-shirts carrying the message to families affected by conflict.

Communication slogans:

What are the current betting odds on a human life?

You can’t place a bet on human life

The campaign target group was primarily men (up to 90%) with a lower than standard income. This is why the campaign idea had to be simple and direct, to reach the majority of the set target audience.

This creative, sports darker, more ominous and serious visuals, to clearly state that we also support the solving of the biggest problems in the country. Also, in this case, we put an emphasis on typography, which carries the message. We did not need to show the faces of the players to be exact, the numbers on their jerseys did the deed.

What is the result of our work?

The campaigns have been postponed due to COVID-19 and UEFA EURO2020 should take place in 2021. In any case, we aimed to raise awareness about the UEFA EURO2020, but also to aid the situation in Ukraine using a playful and competitive form.

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