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Website for the PCI DSS project

Client description

Deloitte as a brand does not require a lengthy introduction as it is one of the most prestigious consulting companies, employing more than 312,000 professionals around the globe.

Project description

Website for a Deloitte project PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which aims to improve the customer’s experience within the requirements and standards of PCI DSS. This is an international security norm for companies that work with or process credit and debit card payments.

Why did Deloitte approach us?

They needed to create a unique website for the PCI DSS project, that would simply and clearly explain how to meet these security standards, while the ultimate goal was to lead the smaller and middle sized companies to information regarding payment processing, and to Deloitte as the norm security provider. It mostly targeted smaller commercial businesses in larger cities, who accept bank or credit cards as a form of payment.

How did we solve the inquiry? 

When approaching the task we focused mostly on preserving a good and quality UX, since the target consumers of the services are new to the field.

  • We created a simple and well-arranged website, where the user reaches the form within 3 clicks (quick and effective solution for a PCI issue)
  • Every option has its own colorway (corresponding with the Deloitte corporate identity), so the user easily differentiates between options
  • The content was arranged in a vertical manner, which makes the website easy to navigate
  • We created a 6-column grid, which we consistently used across all subpages
  • The user does not need to scroll the page – they only need to click on options, which ultimately saves time

We targeted the group of entrepreneurs, who look for quick and effective solutions.

What is the result of our work?

Smaller and middle-sized companies and entrepreneurs are now able to create their own standards specification according to what they need to comply with. After filling out a short form, the website then sends them an overview of tailored security requirements. This solution not only educates the entrepreneurs but also by 30% increases the chance that they will reach out to Deloitte regarding their projects. The design is remarkably intuitive and flexible, which is why it can speak to hundreds of users daily.

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