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The UpLift accelerator rebranding
(Neulogy – Civitta Slovakia)

Client description

Challenger is the new iteration of UpLift accelerator, founded and operated by Civitta Slovakia (former Neulogy). Challenger is an accelerator focused on innovative solutions within cleantech, greentech, circular economy and mobility.

Project description

We were tasked to create the brand and website for a new Challenger accelerator – the updated version of a former UpLift accelerator.

Why did Civitta approach us?

We were supposed to create a brand and website (including design and programming) for the new Challenger accelerator. The requirements were that the new visuals and communication was fresh and would embody innovation, which is deeply rooted in the Civitta brand.

How did we solve the inquiry?

We started off with the logo. We were looking for a way to capture the core essence of Challenger, which is supporting innovative projects. We wanted to embody the brand’s qualities into the visual brand communication. Naturally, the logo was supposed to be easily adapted for different formats and placements (web, logo, TV and more).

  • We came up with 4 new logo proposals and other visual communication elements
  • The winning proposal embodies the main Challenger brand message
  • Note the tiny sphere in front of the logo
  • It symbolizes overcoming obstacles and tackling challenges by travelling across the individual letters (obstacles)
  • These ‘obstacles’ (shaped in the negative logo environment after being crushed by the sphere) were later used as visual elements in branding
  • This model was easily used and adapted in various placements

The Challenger target audience consists of young and established startupers, who come up with innovative ideas on how to make the world better.

What was the result of our work?

The branding and website we proposed to Challenger are now live, and they enable the aspiring startups to enter the world of innovations. The website creates a space for all the mentors, who participate in the program and it also has its own ecosystem, where all the news and information can be published. The Challenger logo appears in various places and is carried on different promotion materials.

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