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Client description

AKULAR is a global project, originating in Slovakia – an Augmented Reality (AR) focused startup. A software solution – the AKULAR app is applicable anywhere in the world – within architecture, development industry or smaller development companies. It offers an easy way on how to approach the drawings and designs of new buildings. With AKULAR, one can easily ‘build’ their building directly on their property.

Project description

The job was to create a modern branding and web design for the global AR project – AKULAR, which received more than half a million of investment for the expansion into the US market.

Why did AKULAR approach us?

The global project AKULAR has great ambition. To achieve their goal, they needed quality branding, on which they could base their expansion into the US market. The branding and web design had the same goal – to show the project’s ambition and interconnect the brand with architecture in a very clear way. At the same time, the aim was to spark interest within the picky target group of architects and developers.

How did we solve the inquiry?


We approached the logo design with two things in mind – its usability in every corner of the world and its distinct belonging to the world of architecture. This is why the branding is ‘a construction’ and a work of art at the same time.

  • We created a logo that reflects the client’s main focus – the innovative segment of architecture
  • The branding has a simple flat design, which is easily applicable for any medium
  • The letter ‘A’ stands for AKULAR and is depicted in axonometry under a 45-degree angle (a 3D view applied in architecture)
  • The logo is depicted in ‘negative space’, which means that the A is created by using the axonometric shadows.
  • The supplementary colorway was chosen with focus on young, futuristic, fresh and modern vibe, which is why we chose a bright – almost neon yellow color that nicely complements the black and white
  • We chose a 3D structure for the logotype to preserve the main project idea, which is transforming drawings into 3D environment


We approached the website in accordance with the branding and modern vibe, with focus on UX analysis. It is our custom to rely on data-based design, which means that we base our designs on what we want to achieve with them.

Our target group consists of professions that rely on design – developers, architects but also investors, who are short on time. The clients want to see the result in the flesh as soon as possible, they like a modern approach, new technologies and timeless solutions.

What is the result of our work?

The branding and web design we created for AKULAR is in accordance with the contemporary times and complies with the high standards of the community of architects, developers and investors. The design neatly embodies the ideas and pillars of the brand itself. It stays within the brand’s DNA, which speaks the language of innovation, forward thinking, refinery and flexibility – attributes that are much needed in today’s fast world. The result of our work can be seen at different places all around the globe.

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